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List ofFIN370 Final Exam Questions. Online Business Degree. Finance for Business.

Final Exam Study Guide in FIN370 Finance for Business in the Online Business Degree Program .

  1. Which of the following statements about the percent-of-sales method of financial forecasting is true?
  2. Which of the following is considered to be a spontaneous source of financing?
  3. A toy manufacturer following the hedging principle will generally finance seasonal inventory build-up prior to the Christmas season with
  4. For the NPV criteria, a project is acceptable if the NPV is __________, while for the profitability index, a project is acceptable if the profitability index is
  5. The firm should accept independent projects if:
  6. The NPV assumes cash flows are reinvested at the
  7. ABC Service can purchase a new assembler for $15,052 that will provide an annual net cash flow of $6,000 per year for five years. Calculate the NPV of the assembler if the required rate of return is 12%.
  8. You have been asked to analyze a capital investment proposal. The project’s cost is $2,775,000. Cash inflows are projected to be $925,000 in Year 1
  9. Many firms today continue to use the payback method but employ the NPV or IRR methods as secondary decision methods of control for risk
  10. Which of the following statements about the MIRR is false?
  11. We compute the profitability index of a capital-budgeting proposal by
  12. Compute the payback period for a project with the following cash flows, if the company’s discount rate is 12%. Initial outlay = $450 Cash flows: Year 1 = $325 Year 2 = $ 65 Year 3 = $100
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