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IT/205 Programming Problem

The manager of the Super Supermarket would like to be able to compute the unit price for products sold there. To do this, the program should input the name and price of an item and its weight in pounds and ounces. It should then determine and display the
unit price (the price per ounce) of the item.

Input Data

Prompt for  ItemName, WeightInOunces, CostPerPound, TaxPercent
Input ItemName, WeightInOunces, CostPerPound, TaxPercent

Process Data

Set WeightInPounds = WeightInOunces / 16
Set ItemPrice  =  WeightInPounds * CostPerPound
Set TaxRate = TaxPercent  /  100
Set ItemTax  =  ItemPrice * TaxRate
Set UnitPrice  =  ItemPrice + ItemTax

Output Results

Write ItemName, WeightInOunces, CostPerPound, TaxPercent
Write ItemPrice, ItemTax
Write UnitPrice

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