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List of MGT330 Final Exam Questions. Online Business Degree.

Answers to the Final Exam in MGT330 Management: Theory, Practice, and Application in the Online Business Degree Program .

  1. A mental image of a possible and desirable future state of the organization is a
  2. Legitimate power is described as power that exists through
  3. Behavior that gives purpose and meaning to organizations, while envisioning and creating a positive future
  4. NAFTA combined the economies of
  5. A pharmaceutical manufacturer actively monitors all products produced to verify their ingredients fall within rigid control ranges that ensure product effectiveness. This monitoring allows them to make adjustments should they see negative trends occurring. The manufacturer is engaging in the management function of
  6. Which type of control works best when there is “no one best way” to do a job and employees are empowered to make decisions?
  7. This type of control takes place while plans are carried out, and is the heart of any control system
  8. Where are performance data commonly obtained?
  9. The last step in the control process is
  10. Which of the following functions of management is focused on delivering strategic value?
  11. Which of the following best characterizes the controlling function of management?
  12. involves analyzing a situation, determining goals to be pursued, and deciding upon the actions that will be taken to achieve these goals
  13. Robert was recently hired as the workplace safety compliance officer at ABC Power Company. Robert will have the responsibility to monitor regulations from which of these government agencies?
  14. Which of the following is the first step in effective delegation?
  15. The assignment of different tasks to different people or groups is the
  16. The outcome of situational analysis is
  17. What is management’s function in strategic planning?
  18. Which of the following would provide the best information for the manager on factors that influence the company’s strategic, tactical, operational, and contingency plans?
  19. plans might be referred to as "what-if" plans
  20. A plan that focuses on ongoing activities and may become a more permanent policy or rule is a
  21. Which type of program should management implement to have a culture of ethics that prevent, detect, and punish legal violations?
  22. Honesty, caring, loyalty, fairness, and integrity are all examples of
  23. As a manager, you want to create a project team to plan and implement a project designed to meet the demands of globalization. Which of the following types of organizational structure would you use to achieve higher degree of flexibility and adaptability of the team members?
  24. The planning process of human resources management begins with
  25. Which type of organizational structure optimizes employee empowerment?
  26. Which of the following is an advantage of product departmentalization?
  27. Ruby recently accepted a job with a large insurance firm as an internal auditor. Ruby has found that her job is different than the internship she had at an accounting consulting firm. The insurance firm has strictly defined job responsibilities and lines of communication. For every decision Ruby needs to make, approval must be obtained from upper management. Overall, she has found the atmosphere to be quite formal as compared to the internship. Ruby has concluded that the insurance firm has
  28. If expansion to Australia does not materialize, Widget, Inc.'s backup plan is to expand to Asia. This backup plan is an example of a
  29. A plan to integrate new employees into a new system of payroll is an example of which type of plan? Assume that you anticipate making this change only once
  30. A system of rules that governs the ordering of values is referred to as
  31. Human resources planning has three stages. They are
  32. The programming stage of human resources management consists of
  33. An organization with departmentalization that groups units around products, customers, or geographic regions is called a:
  34. Which of the following statements regarding vision is NOT accurate? 
  35. Which of the following reflects a possible cause for an inappropriate vision? 

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