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ACCNerd – A Review by Online Degree Support

Many of our students ask us about the effectiveness of ACCNerd – Accounting Homework and Final Exam Answers.  This website has skyrocketed into the most popular web-based tutoring platform for online accounting students. We’ve decided to add a few paragraphs letting you know what we think of their tutoring service for online students.

Quality of Final Exam Answers

The team at ACCNerd takes a unique approach to providing final exam answers. They are the only website we are aware of that conducts a quarterly review of all products sold on the website. This ensures students are receiving the most relevant version of an exam. This differs from most sites, which simply post an exam that could be many years old! You don’t really know until you actually buy it.

Bottom Line: Final Exam Answers are extremely relevant.

Customer Service Rating

We spoke with the head of ACCNerd customer support and he told us that they have a commitment to respond to customer inquiries within 1 day or less. In fact, he said that 90% of all emails were responded to within just 2 hours.

Bottom line: Being able to communicate with real people quickly is a huge plus for online students.

Cost of Study Guides

We’ve found that, on average, ACC Nerd prices are about 50% less expensive than most competing sites. We believe this is a direct result of their affordable pricing structure. Most final exam answers are listed at only $9.99.

Bottom Line: A great value.

Final Thoughts

After trying out the ACC Nerd platform, we are thoroughly impressed with its effectiveness for online students. There are very few platforms that can match both quality and customer service.

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