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Things To Do Immediately After Graduating from College

Completing a 4 year college degree is a huge accomplishment in life, one that 75% of the population will never experience. Having a college degree not only leads to personal satisfaction, but also gives you an advantage in the workplace. However, it is important to utilize your degree correctly and I have listed several things a recent college graduate should take care of immediately after graduation.


Set aside a few weeks after graduation to do some traveling. I spent 3 weeks that summer backpacking through Europe and it was a great experience. I  was able to enjoy the trip worry-free, and spent much of my time pondering what to do with my future.

Polish your Resume

You can finally add your college degree to your resume. No matter where you plan on working, this will give you an edge over non-degree candidates in the workplace. Create a couple different versions of your resume and get feedback from friends and family. Having multiple people read your resume will help catch errors that you would have missed on your own.

Update your Vehicle Insurance

Any insurance policy you hold can be impacted when you become a college graduate. Insurance companies recognize that college graduates are generally more responsible and less likely to cause a serious accident. Because of this fact, your insurance premium is likely you decrease after you graduate from college. My premium decreased by about $50 for a 6 month policy, reducing my monthly by almost $9.

Take Advantage of your Alumni Network

Some of the most valuable contacts you meet in life are fellow alumni. Many employers and hiring managers prefer to hire candidates with a similar education background, assuming all other factors are equal. Make sure to stay in contact with your past classmates, as they can be your best source of inside information for getting a great job. My first job out of college was working under a manager that had graduated from the same university 3 years before me. I can guarantee that this job would have gone to someone else had we not made this connection during the interview process.

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