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Keys to Success in Algebra at an Online University

MAT116 or Algebra 1A is often one of the most challenging courses in the associates degree programs at university . If you haven’t completed an algebra course within the last few years, you may find yourself overwhelmed in this fast paced course. Keep in mind, the course is only 9 weeks long which is about half the length of course at a brick and mortar university. But you have the same amount of work, so it’s easy to fall behind if you can’t attend class for a week. Below are some tips to help you excel in the math and algebra courses. If you follow these simple steps, you are practically guaranteed to ace your classes no matter how poor your math skills are. Each class at the university costs $1,140 and paying for a failed class out of pocket is just not worth it!

Get an Algebra Calculator

Many students complain that they are working through sample problems, but they can never seem to get to the right answer. An algebra calculator can be a huge help. This is not your ordinary calculator, and can work through complex algebra problems. A good algebra calculator will run you about $60 but could be the difference between passing or failing your math course. These calculator will essentially give you the answers to any of the problems that you encounter in the MathLab, but should only be used for checking work on practice problems

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Watch Algebra Videos

Most of us are visual learners…. With that being said, watching a video of an algebra being worked can be much more effective than reading the textbook. The algebra videos in the link listed below can be a more effective resource for visual learners.


Find a Tutor

There are a great deal of tutoring resources for Algebra students. The best option is to find a tutor at your local campus or learning center. If you don’t have a learning center nearby, you can also look into some tutor resources online. There is a growing number of tutors that can assist algebra students online. You will need to pay for these services, but the cost is going to be far less than failing a math class. Again, the cost of a course is about $1,140 and tutoring will run you about $50 bucks.


Do Not Procrastinate

Most students fail their math courses because they simply fail to put in the required work to learn the concepts. If math is not your strong suit, you will need to put more effort forth than you do in your other courses. Waiting until Sunday night to complete your assignments is not going cut it. You need to be well prepared for each test you take or expect to fail miserably.

I hope you found this article helpful in raising your grade in your college algebra courses. Good luck!

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