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10 Ways to Find Scholarships for

Many students fail to seek out external scholarships. Depending on your background, there may ber free money just out there waiting for you. All you have to do is ask for it! Here are our tips for finding scholarships as a university student.

Look to your ancestors.

Although your ancestors are not around to help you finance your education, they left their stamp on you. This can aid you in finding scholarships. If you are Native American, African American, Hispanic or Pacific American, scholarships are in abundance. If you don't fall into one of those groups, it's okay. You might still be able to find a scholarship based on your ancestry. Find an association that was created for your specific ancestry, e.g., Greek, Italian, Chinese, etc. In addition to looking at where your ancestors can from, look at the types of ancestors you had. Did they participate in a historic event? For example, foundations exist for descendants of the Declaration
of Independence signers or members of the Confederacy.

Check with your employer

Whether or not your current employer offers tuition reimbursement, your employment status might lead to a potential scholarship. Many companies have foundations, or auxiliaries, that offer scholarship opportunities to their employees. Check to see if your employer does. Another avenue to consider is a union or foundation that was established for employees in your industry. For example, there are foundations for individuals who are food servers, fire fighters, health care providers, etc.


Join a professional association

Look at your intended, or current, career. If you are not part of a professional association, now might be a great time to consider it. Professional associations not only provide you with a way to network with people in the industry, many professional associations provide scholarship
opportunities to their members. They also promote scholarships that are relevant to your industry.

Network yourself

Networking is an opportunity to connect with people who are connected. By doing this, you are opening doors to potential jobs, references and scholarships. Let people know that you are looking scholarships. Tell your friends, family members, co-workers, etc. As they hear about opportunities, they can pass the information along to you.

Search online

This is most common way that people spend their time searching for scholarships. One way to search online is to use a scholarship search, such as Scholarships.com or Fastweb. To use these sites, you register and create a profile. The search feature uses your profile to create a list of scholarships for which you might be eligible. You can find well-known scholarships this way. If you plan to use this search method, use two different scholarship search sites. Each site uses different search criteria. Using two sites can provide you with more options. Another way to search online is to use a general internet search engines. While this option is more erratic, you can find scholarships if you are willing to spend the time and to be creative in your search. As you search, don't use plurals. For example, when searching for scholarships, use
"scholarship" instead of "scholarships." Using a singular tense bring better results. Also, use key words in your search.

Connect with social media

Social media is a great way to stay connected to people and organizations that might lead to scholarships. Every day, more organizations are joining the social media world. Find them and become a fan. If they post information about scholarships, you will be among the first to find out. For example, posts scholarship opportunities through its social media sites.

Discover a community foundation

A community foundation is a non-profit organization created by people in a specific community. These foundations are formed at city, county and state levels. Community foundations focus on the needs of their community. Many of these foundations manage scholarship programs while others just advertise available scholarships. Find your local community foundation online. In addition to finding possible local scholarships, you can discover ways to get involved within your community.

Read your local newspaper/community newsletter

Local businesses and organizations use newspapers and newsletters to market scholarships to members of the community. Regularly check the printed and online versions to find potential scholarships. Also look for events that can lead to scholarships-fundraisers, charity events and sports competitions. Raised funds are often turned into scholarships in future months.

Find an organization that supports your life's experiences

Life happens. Certain life experiences can lead to possible scholarships. You might ask, "What types of experiences?" You might be a foster child or a foster parent. You might be a single parent. You might have experienced the death of parent from cancer. You might have been diagnosed with a debilitating disease. You might be the first person in your family to go to college. You might be changing careers. Find an organization that supports your experiences. Many of these offer scholarships.

Locate a military organization

Military organizations often provide scholarships to service members, spouses, children and grandchildren. If anyone in your immediate family has ever served in the military, it might lead to a scholarship opportunity. Look at the national and local level. There are organizations that support spouses of current service members. There are groups for specific squads, platoons, etc. There are also organizations that focus on service members of specific wars. Use your information to find a military organization that fits your or your family member's service.

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