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5 Ways to Boost your Math Grades

Algebra at both the associates and bachelors level is notoriously difficult t complete as an online student. The courses are fast paced and leave little room for slacking off. It only takes 1 week of missed attendance to lead to a total breakdown in these classes. Below are a few tips compiled by fellow students that can help you excel in math courses and keep your grade point average high.

1. Prepare for class before you start. Most students are doomed for failure from the beginning because they fail to realize how much work is required in an accelerated Algebra class. Before class starts, you should get on Connect and talk to students who are struggling with math. Many students will go to great lengths to describe their struggles, and you can use this as a learning experience to prepare for your class.

2. Use resources outside the Student Website. The student website is packed with great information, but there are some outside resources that you may find more useful. Below are a couple sites that were created to assist math learners, so of which are created by online faculty.

3. Utilize Online Tutoring. There are many brainiacs out there that make a living from teaching people how to learn math. A good tutor will be able to teach you math concepts and offer tips on how do well in class. Working with a tutor is a great way to make connections and can be done completely on the web.

4. Buy a good Calculator. The standard scientific, graphing, and financial calculators you find at Office Depot are NOT the most helpful resource out there. There are several applications that allow you to solve full algebraic equations. You just punch in the numbers and your equation is solved, and some apps will also show the math work. These can be a great tool when used responsibly.

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5. Don’t be Afraid to Ask your Instructor for help. Many students, especially those attending the online campus, find it difficult to approach an instructor when they are struggling to grasp certain concepts. This is a huge mistake and your professor is perhaps the most valuable resource you have. Instructors are there to teach you and help you work through concepts you are struggling with, so don’t miss out on making this connection.


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