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Organizational Behavior Terminology

Article Notes: MGT/334

There are many important factors that contribute to the success of an organization. Of these factors, the three I feel are most important are diversity, communication, and business ethics. These topics can have a very large impact on the efficiency of an organization. By employing good practices of these three factors an organization can ensure it is taking to steps needed for success. Diversity within a company allows a variety of points of view and skills to come into play. This can increase the creativity of workers within the organization. Communication is essential for efficiency within a company. Good communication skills allow information to be passed through departments and individuals effectively, which can increase the organization's output. Lastly, business ethics is a set of moral values and expectations that are expected to be followed. By doing business ethically, a company can avoid corruption and possible legal troubles.

These three factors play a large role in business, and are critical in the organization of management within a company or organization.

Diversity is the practice of employing people of all cultural backgrounds within an organization. This allows people to share their differences and explore new points of view. Every person within an organization is able to offer their own opinion and beliefs. By employing a variety of people with different cultural backgrounds it allows people to learn and appreciate new points of view. This enables people to accept and understand cultural or religious differences. The differences in culture can lead to greater creativity within a company. The world economy of modern times requires a higher level of cultural acceptance than in years past. As countries like China, India, and Brazil continue to grow in economic strength and influence it requires the rest of the world to acknowledge and understand their culture. The acceptance of different cultures will benefit both employees as well as the company.

Communication is an essential skill to perfect in order for a company to be successful. In today's world, communication is done at a fast pace with the use of many newly developing technologies. Management within a company needs to create a system of communication that allows information to be passed within departments rapidly and accurately. The passage of information will allow employees to collaborate on projects. Multiple departments can be working on a project simultaneously when a good communication system is in place. For example, a company that builds airplanes will need multiple parts and components of the aircraft to be built at the same time. If there are any changes to the engineering plans of the aircraft, the company will be able to relay the changes to each department to make the necessary changes. In business communication is often one of the most important factors to a company's success, or failure.

Business ethics is a set of moral values and guidelines that an organization follows in order in remain in compliance with the law and to provide a benefit to society. Doing business ethically has many benefits to the company itself as well as society as a whole. The business can keep itself out of legal trouble and earn the trust of society. Business ethics can be seen at nearly every level of a company's operations. Many companies are being encouraged to cut down on energy usage and carbon emissions. This is becoming an increasingly important topic within business ethics. Each department within a company will have a unique set of ethical guidelines to follow. For example, accountants are required to follow certain rules to ensure the company's financials are being reported properly, while production managers need to ensure they are not producing products that could potentially harm the end user. No following ethical practices can have highly destructive results on a company. There have been many companies throughout history that have gone out of business for carrying out unethical practices. Business ethics is an important factor to an organization's health, and should be followed by every company in existence.
In summary, the three factors most important to the success of an organization are diversity, communication, and business ethics. Each of these factors has a unique impact on the company's efficiency and effectiveness within their market. Companies that employ good practices with each one of these topics will have a better change at success and trust form society. As we enter a global economy with more advanced technologies, each of these factors will become more important over time.

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