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How to Get a Textbook Voucher

Effective July 1, 2011, Pell eligible students will have the opportunity to use excess Pell funds to purchase physical textbooks and supplies. The excess Pell funds will be provided to students in the form of an electronic book voucher that can be redeemed through EdMap.

Are you a student who needs a physical textbook? But don’t have the money to buy a $200 textbook? Well you are in luck. This new program allows students to receive a voucher for their text book if they meet certain requirements. This can help you manage your financial aid if you like to spend your Pell grant funds quickly. Most of the classes do not require a physical textbook, but this is good information in any case.

To be eligible for this book voucher students must meet the following requirements:

Upon request, eligible students may be provided with a book voucher up to the cost of the required book

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