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Number 1 Financing Deal for College Students!

1. Borrow With Prosper- Peer-to-Peer Lending

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Top Ten Electronics Deals for College Students!

These ten deals in electronics have been located by the Online Degree Support Success staff. Deals like this are only available to college students. You must take advantage while you are a student enrolled in a University, Community College, or Trade School. All sorts of electronics are needed college students can take advantage of great deals such as Laptops, LCD TVs, Big Screen TVs, Desktop Computers, and much more. Name brand electronics can help you make the most out of your education...

1. The Apple Store

Get 5% off nearly all products in the apple store. Take advantage of this deal and get an iMac, MacBook Pro, iPhone, or iPod touch at a great discount.

2. AT&T Student Discount

After you buy your iPhone you will need a service provider. AT&T provides a discount for students that can save you money on your high tech new cell phone.

3. HP Academy Discounts

Don't like Apple products? No problem, HP also has a great discount program for students. Save on all sorts of desktops, laptops and other great electronics. One of the most popular online stores for college students.


4. Sears Commercial

As a college student, sears offers a 5% discount for student. You can pick up all sorts of great electronics, TVs, homegoods, and virtually everything else.

5. Panasonic

Panasonic offers a broad range of electronics, computers, big screen TVs, blue ray players, etc. Don't miss out on their student discounts.

6. Adobe Software

80% off top of the line software from Adobe. If you are a softare engineering or web design student this is a must have.

7. Academic Superstore

Your 1 stop shop for anything a student could want. Electronics, software and much more.

8. Microsoft Ultimate Steal

Evey student needs to have a suite of Microsoft Office products. The name of this deal says it all. You can cant get MS office at a better price anywhere.

9. Lenovo Computers

Get huge discounts on Lenovo Computers, up to 35% off the already cheap computer maker.

10. Philips for Med Students

Great deals for med studfents from philips, a top end electronics manufacturer.


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